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You can create as many widgets as you want. There is no limit to the amount of widgets a user can create.

Yes, your team members can be on any plans and will still be able to respond to messages from your widgets.

No, you can only have one active subscription. At any time, your highest tiered subscription will be active on your account.

No, chatbots are only available on our Enterprise plans.

Yes, you can embed your widget shortcode on any website.

Yes, we store all user data and communication on secure servers.

No, we don't serve AD's on our platforms.

No, currently that option is not available but if you keep asking, we'll get it done.

There is no limit to the amount of people that can chat to you or the amount of people you can chat to.

We've got ❤ by Chromesque
Atchr was created and fully sponsored by Chromesque and so we operate using it's resources.

Yes, absolutely. If you're not happy we're not happy. Simply contact us using any of our support channels.

We only collect information that can be used to uniquely identify you on or platform and we treat such information as confidential and do not share it with any third parties or entities. Find out more in our Terms of Use.