Embedding your unique code

Your embed code is a piece of JavaScript snippet that must be included in your web page or application to setup Atchr and get your widget functional on your web page or application.

Embed Code

Depending on how your webpage or application was built, your embed code should ideally be inserted in the header or footer of your web page or application.

  • If your website was created using PHP, We recommend that you insert your embed code in a page or script that is globally accessible to all webpages on your website.
    Therefore, your widget will be accessible in all pages.

  • If your website was created using static HTML coding, We recommend that you insert your embed code in all pages you want your widget to appear, monitor and report on.

  • If you have a WordPress website,
    You may need to install a WordPress Plugin, read this article on how to add JavaScript to your WordPress website.

  • If you have a Shopify website,
    Shopify allows you to add custom JavaScript to your store through the "Edit HTML/CSS" section of your admin panel.

    1. To get there, go to Online Store > Themes > [theme name] > Edit code.
    2. On the Edit Code page, you'll see a list of files on the left side of the screen.
    3. Find the "Layout" folder and click on "theme".
    4. This is where you can insert your embed code.
    You can also read this article for a more in-depth explanation.

  • If you are unsure and hired a professional to develop your website, simply ask them to provide you with access to your website's backend or provide them with your embed code and refer them to this article.

If you need additional help inserting your embed code on your website.
Simply send us a message using the chat widget.